Marketing Analyst


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  • Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Economics and related fields
  • 2-5 years prior experience in business/marketing intelligence field analyzing to identify specific actionable opportunities and highlight potential growth areas and managing inventory turnover
  • Strong analytical skills with business knowledge
  • Ability to develop and evolve long-term strategies while driving tactical projects
  • Ability to build strong working relationship at all levels of the organization
  • Proficient with tools/applications for statistical analysis, including MS office


  • Contribute to build and implement the Business Intelligence Strategy, Goals and Initiatives with a focus on potential market opportunity, market penetration and customer valuation models.
  • Responsible to perform strategic market analysis by integrating internal customer level data, external information and macro market
  • Lead and manage market analysis and custom research projects
  • Collaborate within market intelligence functions to ensure a consistent view of the market methodologies/source data review findings and share best practices, leverage research and participate as appropriate on any company wide research projects/initiatives/task force
  • Collaborate with other cross-function ensure all data sources are leveraged for comprehensive analysis
  • Monitor closely to consequences of deliverable, (develop process for tracking/measuring the impact of recommendations and develop solution for delivery of analysis/information to the stakeholder.


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